Stop the Installation of More Fracked Gas Compressors in Our Towns

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP) is proposing to expand their fracked gas pipeline system running through North Jersey by building major new gas compressor stations, one in Pennsylvania, and two in New Jersey, in Wantage and West Milford. These compressor stations operate machinery as loud as jet engines and regularly release methane, hydrogen sulfide, and mercury into the air. High-pressure compressors also increase the risk of leaks and catastrophic explosions. None of this gas would even be used in New Jersey. It’s time to say “NO” to out-of-state polluters.

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This so called "East 300 Upgrade" is not routine maintence, but a major fossil fuel expansion project. They plan to build additional compressor stations - industrial sites that pressurize fracked gas - to push even more gas at higher pressures through an aging 65-year-old pipeline that runs through dozens of New Jersey communities and water bodies, all to deliver more dirty fuel to New York at the expense of the health and safety of North Jersey communities.

This proposal includes:

  • An additional gas-fired compressor at their existing compressor station in Wantage, more than tripling the size of the existing polluting facility.

  • A new compressor in the West Milford Highlands right next to the Monksville Reservoir.

  • An additional compressor at the facility in Susquehanna County, PA.

The fight isn't over. We can still stop this dangerous project.

Before TGP can begin construction they must be issued a number of federal and state permits. Governor Murphy has the authority to direct the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to reject these permits to protect the health and safety of NJ residents. Residents, organizations, and elected leaders at every level of government must call on him to do so. Can you take action with us?