West Milford

Despite being a major risk to the health and safety of West Milford Communities, the West Milford Council has refused to oppose this project.

Though the Council does not have the authority to approve or deny this project. They CAN pass a resolution against the project and stand with residents in opposition and call on the Governor to stop this project.

Instead, at their August 11 council meeting, the council voted to make an agreement with the gas company for $656K in taxes for the first 5 years, plus other payments. This agreement was passed with no input from the public despit an outpouring of oppositon from local residents and others in the region over the last 8 months.

No amount of money the township can recieve could make up for a major accident, fire, or explosion caused by this project.

We still can stop this project!

Take action with us!

Can you display a sign in your yard? Let us know here. or reach out to rballessio@gmail.com

Are you a West Milford resident? Urge your council to stand with residents and publically oppose this project and call on the Governor to stop it!

West Milford Mayor and Council Contact Info:

Mayor Michele Dale - Dale@WestMilford.org - tel:973-728-1113Ada Erik, Councilwoman - Erik@WestMilford.org - tel:973-728-2710Marilyn Lichtenberg, Councilwoman - Lichtenberg@WestMilford.org - tel:973-728-2710Kevin Goodsir, Councilman - Goodsir@WestMilford.org - tel:973-728-2710Warren Gross, Councilman - Gross@WestMilford.org - tel:973-728-2710Michael Chazukow, Councilman - Chazukow@WestMilford.org - tel:973-728-2710David Marsden, Councilman - Marsden@WestMilford.org - tel:973-728-2710

Residents Will Continue to Speak at Council Meetings Until a Resolution is Passed:

Sustainable West Milford has been mobilizing residents to council meetings since February. West Milford Council unamiously voted against the resolution at their meeting on March 24th, despite over 30 residents voicing their opposition to this project at that meeting or by sending comments to be read into the record. We will continuing to speak out at council meetings and demonstrate outside Town Hall before the meetings until a resolution is passed.

Please reach out to Renee at rballessio@gmail.com and let us know you plan to join a demonstration and/or speak at an upcoming meeting so we can send you more information.